FAVATV is a project created by the Film and Video Arts Society - Alberta (fava.ca) to promote and expand upon the distribution and access to Film and Video Works within our community. FAVATV is an online Screening Room of curated videos, and a Social Networking Site for its members. Start Your Free Membership Now. Become a FAVATV Network Member, and enjoy the benefits of this thriving online community.


Our raison d'être


FAVATV developed through the ongoing efforts of FAVA Staff, FAVA Board of Directors, and the FAVA Membership to address the need to screen and promote valuable film and video works, especially those which may otherwise find limited access online. It's a place for these works to live on - an archive of sorts, but also a very living collection and curation of arts. FAVATV is aimed at sharing the works and profiles of members of our local and global film, video, and arts community.

There have been many reasons to support this initiative over the years: to help FAVA members distribute work, to increase access and attention to the FAVA archives, to support and promote our fellow artists and arts communities, to highlight our FAVA FEST award winners works, to support programming and education... and the list goes on.

We at FAVA always saw the need and potential benefit of a an online presence like FAVATV, and we flirted with incarnations of it over the years. The reality of creating a system and infrastructure that might fulfill these needs has been an ongoing process. This process will continue as we now strive to make FAVATV bigger and better with your help. Support your artists, find support, and get to know your community with us.


How it works

To be brashly honest... we haven't quite decided what FAVATV will ultimately be. And so we're still fine tuning many of the brass tacks that constitute FAVATV. We encourage your patience, support and feedback in this endeavor. After all, in the FAVA spirit of the co-op, this website is for the people, the members, and the great works that we have had the pleasure to be associate with. It takes a fair amount of attention to support a website like this and it takes your involvement to make it great.

That being said, we will soon be soliciting your submission applications to FAVATV. Please stay tuned to the FAVA bulletin and this site for updates on these matters. 

FAVATV supports embeded third party videos like YouTube and Vimeo, along with embed code capabilities from most video players. We also have limited potential to host videos on one of FAVA's servers or through FAVATV accounts with YouTube and Vimeo.

FAVATV is a curatorial initiative. Not all submissions will find a home on FAVATV. Stay tuned for updates on our policies and commitments.

For more information and updates on these matters please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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