Secret Setlist - Mayday and the Beatcreeps

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Mayday and the BeatCreeps perform their 'Secret Setlist'. Genre: Folk-Hop.


This seven piece folk-hop group take to the historic Avenue Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta to deliver a dazzling performance. Interview segments shed light on how the destiny of the band was decided...among other things.
What is Secret Setlist?
Edmonton musicians take the stage at Avenue Theatre, performing one-of-a-kind secret setlists, and sharing their stories behind the scenes.
Avatar Media is excited to announce Secret Setlist, a new music series airied on Telus Optik in 2014, and now, we are happy to bring this episode to the masses through FAVA TV. This exclusive HD series will feature up-and-coming musicians in Edmonton's historic Avenue Theatre, performing one-of-a-kind arrangements of their own music. 


“The idea of the show is simple: an intimate experience where hard working, talented musicians share their music and their stories, while viewers experience the feeling of being at a live show.” says Jaro Malanowski of Avatar Media. “Audiences will be transported and immersed in these secret sessions that will be broadcast on television and online.”

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