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by Greg Gartner

"Greg's was sort of hard to explain and I don't want to add things that I mis-remember."

All I remember now is that it was about death and rebirth and the brutality of existentialism".

-Zsolti Varsanyi

Made during the FAVA Film Class of 2004, shot on 16mm 


Director & Camera - Greg Gartner

Sound & Lighting - Zsolti Varsanyi 

Ast Director - Noah Hopchin



Zsolti Varsanyi

Gerry Potter

Erin Sanderman

Noah Hopchin


Eulogy for Greg

written by Zsolti Varsanyi 

It's with a very heavy heart and shock that we learned that Greg Gartner has passed. The anger of this news is only usurped by the grief. Greg who had a deep passion to make the great things leaves the world dimmer, unfinished, unsatisfied and god I am pissed off he never got the right interface to express his soul. But, he did leave hints of his greatness in his creations. 

I can’t quite comprehend this loss yet, but feel even earth’s gravity is making serious adjustments. He was a fucking sweetheart of a person, and you knew instantly, and were disarmed by, who he was: kind, caring, and devout in living up to impossible, but great ideals, as Greg has passed physically, he has sliced out a handsome, humble, sensitive, piece of space and time. It may be in the past, but for us who knew him, we know he built that, cut it out himself, worked on, and was that, and still is, that amazing person. Greg you burned into people all the good things. 

Greg and I met at FAVA, in the Basics of Film making class together and instantly knew we were on the same page. I cast him in my film because he had such a great face. He got me through the editing process because he pushed me through the daunting all-nighters (we were using Steenbecks) - I just didn’t have the drive, but he made me get it done.  

I remember Rick Gustavson (our wonderful teacher) getting pretty mad at us when we commandeered our “completed” films from the box bound for processing. We ended up editing all through the night to be satisfied with our pieces. Rick who had to pay extra for our separate postage, said something I’ll never forget: “As mad as I am at both of you, I am so proud, you are now real film makers”. And Greg was, he took it as seriously, as it is. 


We worked on a lot of stuff together, most of it unpaid, with little reward except the thing itself. But you always pushed for quality and completion in your kind, sometimes hilariously snide, snarky, way. 

We could depend on you, no matter what. You made me get it done. As I write this, I want to ask you your advice, and you’re still making me edit, even this –mofo. My debt to you is incalculable for your examples of tenacity and disregard for bullshit. And fuck I miss you man. 

I’ve talked your coworkers, everyone loved/loves you. You trained many of them, and trained them well in a pretty potentially dangerous environment. You were consistent in all your life with your professional steadfast work ethic. 

In your personal life you always were brave enough to express what was in your heart, no matter the consequences. You were brave enough to let people really know you. Thank you for that. 

This world has just become less creative, less loved and this loss is fucking vulgar. Rest in Peace you lovely, lovely man. You make us all push even harder to fill this impossible void.


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